Back in November 2014  Rustopia |US| was started by SCE_Ghost with the support of Shadow Company Elite the clan he founded. At time it was max population of 30ish  but over time the server started to grow and more slots were needed with more power , we upgraded the server from a slot server on Gameservers to a VPS from nfoservers, this lasted for a couple months and quickly realized we needed even more slots and overall server power.  Mid 2015 Rustopia US is in full swing and to keep the server running smooth we had to make a jump to a dedicated box. With this jump to a box comes a bill of $200 USD  per month, we reached out to the community and gather donations to help support it as the cost is too much for SCE_Ghost and Shadow Company Elite to take on without support. The community came to the aid and helps fund the server for the next year with the contributions from Ghost and Shadow Company Elite. So far 2016 is looking positive for server donations but everything helps.

We believe that if you like something you will donate to help keep it around, that’s why you will never see us sell any in game items, perks for donations like other servers. Frankly, if your money comes with strings where do something for you, we don’t want it. We believe in you guys having a fair fun place to play is important. We also believe transparency to a point is important that why we list the direct link to the server fund below. Any money donated to the server is put in the hosting company prepay account and cannot be used for anything but paying for the server. This keeps us honest in the fact you know were not buying Netflix with it.

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Server Cost $200 USD Per Month

Rustopia |US| is an official server, but is not supported by the game developers like other official servers.  All of it comes from the admins, and from the players that enjoy the server.

We thank you for helping contribute the continued future of Rustopia |US |…