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  4. hey mega i couldnt find my second appeal, not sure if it was denied or accepted, look man i agree what i did was childish but i really like rustopia servers due to how active the admins are and how unlikely it is to run into a cheater, yes i was being childish and i agree with my ban on cataclysm but could you please un ban me on rustopia man i am really sorry for what i did, ive been on a bond release lately and i havent been able to smoke in awhile so i been stressed out and i acted out childishly and i shouldnt have , i really hope you can see through my immatureness and let me back atleast a 7 day ban or month ban i really wanna be able to play again thanks, recklessxsavage


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    2. recklessxsavage


      thank you sir i really do feel bad and i was acting childish about the situation, thanks again i will keep my opinion to myself, love you man


    3. recklessxsavage


      hey im still unable to get into discord can you fix that or do you have to send a  different link


    4. MegaIndian
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