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  5. hey, you denied me promptly and im not sure why? im willing to facetime call or zoom and show you my pc or whatever i just have no clue why this would happen? i was playing with a group of like 6 friends and i have all our discord logs?


  6. he comprado el vip para el rustopie eu medium y aun no se ha puesto llevo un rato esperando espero respuesta gracias

  7. Ehm i just got VIP how long do i have to w8 until i can skip the que...?

  8. i not hacking...........................

  9. I cant purchase the VIP status with paypal. it gives me a error

  10. I had a vac ban on my previous account. But I no longer use it. I can login to all servers but I cannot login to your server. Please open my ban? You can watch me if you want, I definitely do not use it. This account is already clean.

  11. its has bin way longer than 3 mounths how much longer do i have 


    1. SCE_Ghost


      Stop lying, Try to log in and see what the ban reason is. It will tell you

  12. hello I took you a vip on medium eu and I can not pass the queue have you of the explanation?

  13. Hello , I bought vip two days ago and i had to wait in queue still. Can someone get back to me to get it fixed thanks.
  14. Reinstall the entire game
  15. Hello, I recently bought the premiums VIP and i keep crashing every time I try to load into the server. I have verified my files and have tried to load in 10+ times. Please help.
  16. BlackBread is coming on rustopia 

  17. Keep getting error code 2X214/2 when i hit check out...
  18. yo you got hackers on rustopia main. They are a group using foreign symbols... maybe korean and scripting actively. One has an apple for a picture icon

    1. Carl the naked Slayer

      Carl the naked Slayer

      from what i hear a ton of people have reported this same group. Including DN clan which was raided by them. This problem has been going on for this entire wipe.

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