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  1. Ehm i just got VIP how long do i have to w8 until i can skip the que...?

  2. i not hacking...........................

  3. I cant purchase the VIP status with paypal. it gives me a error

  4. I had a vac ban on my previous account. But I no longer use it. I can login to all servers but I cannot login to your server. Please open my ban? You can watch me if you want, I definitely do not use it. This account is already clean.

  5. its has bin way longer than 3 mounths how much longer do i have 


    1. SCE_Ghost


      Stop lying, Try to log in and see what the ban reason is. It will tell you

  6. hello I took you a vip on medium eu and I can not pass the queue have you of the explanation?

  7. yo you got hackers on rustopia main. They are a group using foreign symbols... maybe korean and scripting actively. One has an apple for a picture icon

    1. Carl the naked Slayer

      Carl the naked Slayer

      from what i hear a ton of people have reported this same group. Including DN clan which was raided by them. This problem has been going on for this entire wipe.

  8. Hi! I commented on a mute appeal but you haven't responded back too it, I didn't want to make a new appeal incase another admin/mod didn't see your response to my first unmute appeal but I'm not sure if you get notified for it, thanks! 

  9. hy to all need help with the vip

    i bought vip but it dosent't work (rustopia eu medium)

  10. i swear i did not hack sir can u tell me what make me be banned?

  11. Hello, we are playing the clan on the rustopia eu long server. Recently, an administrator came to us and said that we play in a group with a cheater, but he does not play with us, he lives in a separate house and we do not play together, just neighbors. The administrator said that we should be more careful and not play with him, or we would be banned. But we don’t play together, just neighbors, we don’t interfere in their gameplay. We just do not want us to just fly off to the ban, because we play honestly, it is our team.

  12. hello sce_ghost i got autobanned because i have a vac in csgo :( i got hacked and less than 3 weeks i didn't had my acc.

    when i returned the acc there was already a vac ban.

    Now i have full control on the acc please unban or just check my pc if you want !

    I will do everything to play on this server!

  13. when will u guys add more vip passes for eu long?

  14. hello want to buy VIP ?



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