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Server Rules

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VAC bans <365 days are not allowed. (If you connect with one, will be permanently banned.)
Game bans <365 days are not allowed.(If you connect with one, you will be permanently banned.)
EAC bans on an alternate account are not allowed. (You will be permanently banned when caught)
No Family Sharing from a Vac or Gamebanned accounts under 365 days.
English Only in Chat (US Servers Only)
No Ghosting Names.
No Cheat/Hacks.
No Knowingly playing and/or benefiting from a hacker.
No URL links in chat or in your name.
No Exploits/Glitches.
No Racial Comments.
Be Respectful to Admins.
Please DO NOT @ admins for ban appeals or reporting. (Discord or Forum)
"Rules are not limited to what is written above and we can deal with things however we see fit depending on the situation."

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